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Apptown.com is an app store on the internet; You know an appstore for smart phones where you can download free and paid apps, games, ect directly to your phone. Some are free, some are not and at first glance, its simply one of the many websites that have sprouted up over the past year, aiming squarely at apple and their proprietress attitude.

A closer look shows a talented app development team dedicated to providing one of the largest online app stores and commodities intended for the latest mobile devices. "An App for every phone" was one of the tag lines on Apptown.com today. When asked about this, Founder Sean Kendorski mentioned apptown is a place for ALL phone and all material. Which when he explained it, maid it sound special. I really didnt know what I was missing, having apple bascvially chooose what apps I am allowed to have on my phone free apps android.

Sean Kendorski went on to mention, "he will find some joy and success when the proprietary software restrictions on current cell phones are lifted". He mentioned; "A time, that some of us may have forgotten, when you owned a Microsoft PC, you could only have Windows approved products on that PC, for while. (he was speaking of when Microsoft lost the anti trust case). He stated, "Imagine a life with out Firefox, Thunderbird, Adobe, Apple, Flash, etc. That is what having an iPhone is like today."

Apptown is full, from entertainment applications which include in app purchases with games, all the way to media streaming. Though their business has been around for quite some time, the official www.Apptown.com launch improves every significant aspect; from the policies enforced with customers and developers to the app submission process. This website is expected to be one of the pillars of a cultivating industry to supply an endless demand for mobile applications.

Over the past few years, with the rise of mobile phone, applications or apps themselves have seen the development of many operating systems. With advanced smart phones such as the Android, Apples iPhone, the Blackberry, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and even WebOS. According to the recent statistics, there are already 47 million owners in the United States alone who own and use of these devices. In addition to that, the numbers have gone far beyond a hundred million for the applications being downloaded over the internet. Even the jobs for web and application developers have been soaring, having doubling the demand and available work over the past two years.

Analysts predict it to steeply raise to as much as 160 million more users and 7 billion more applications being acquired from the internet.

A statement from one of the founders, James Menke, who also happens to be a marketing strategist, provides a clear overview of the situation and future influence of smart phones and applications. He puts it as "exploding in popularity right now". In addition to that, Menke says that "One day soon, almost everyone will have a smart phone and will be interacting with multiple venues simultaneously thru mobile apps", a statement not far from the prediction of market analysts. The role of Apptown here will be as the bridge between the customers' smart phones and various developers' products.

Apptown.com is responsible for every app on its town like store. Stating its involved in the whole process, from submission to testing, as well as user approvals.

One thing apptown hopes to provide to the public, is a free, convenient means for all phones to download useful applications directly to their mobile devices.